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Lifeway did a recent study of members in churches and found that only about 50% of those surveyed felt they had developed significant relationships with others in their church. However, with those who belonged to a homegroup, that number rose to 90%! In average churches, only about 42% claim to know their spiritual gifts and use them to help others. If they belong to a homegroup though, that number rises to 75%! In church, only about 45% say they find themselves thinking about Biblical truths throughout the day, but with those in homegroups, that number rises to 75%! So, what are you waiting for?!?! Join one of our homegroups today!

Helping the Homeless and Needy

Pastor Denise with a truck load of tents, sleeping bags, and supplies to go to the local homeless shelter.

The Encounter Praize H.O.P.E. event. We went out and raised tent and sleeping bag donations, as well as other supplies, then we became homeless ourselves for a night staying in the tents to help raise awareness to the homeless problem in our area. Literally dozens on tents were raised as well as sleeping bags, food, bikes, backpacks and other goods as well to bless our homeless community

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